Champ High Glass Pipe

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  • High Material: 100% High-quality borosilicate glass 
  • Production Technology: Handmade and blown Brand: Champ High 
  • Colour will be randomly selected  
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Getting high is easy, but doing it the right way is often the problem. With the abundance of glass pipes available on the market, many smokers find it hard to choose the right one. Although there is a divide between smokers who go for simple designs and those who go for sophisticated designs, both parties want the same thing – An unbeliever high. But what better way to get high that to see what goes in? With our product, everything is made bare. Every strand, ray, or path of smoke that smokers inhale and in what amount at any given time.

Portable And Easy To Hold

The simplicity of this smoking pipe is not just in design but in operation and handling. The structure makes it easy to hold while smoking and monitor the amount smokers draw. Your customers can carry this smoking pipe from place to place with ease. It is lightweight and can fit into your customer’s pockets.

Purchasing this product gives your customers the variety to choose any color they like and share with their friends. A pack of this smoking pipe comes with 12 pieces within, making it an ideal party kit for smokers.

3 Tooted


Packed weight: 0.114 kg

Packed size: 12.5 × 25 × 27 cm

Material: Glass

Color: Multicolor

Colours will be randomly selected.

Champ High

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Champ High Glass Pipe

8,00 €

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